Dear Mr. Finley,

I just wanted to take some time out to update you on my son, Marcus Greene.
Marcus went to many baseball camps and he was discouraged with some of the results. Marcus,along with his father, and I decided to give it one more try. We traveled to Lima,Ohio and spent an ENTIRE day there and Marcus was signed that evening. You, Mr. Finley, were one of the first people he called, right after his grandparents.

I tell you that story to say this, we are grateful to you for all of your help with Marcus. If you had not shown up at one of his games, and introduced yourself to Marcus and his dad, things may not have turned out the way they did. You helped Marcus with some of his fundamentals, but it goes deeper than that. You were able to give Marcus some valuable insight into what college and professional baseball teams are looking for. Those are things that my husband and I could not do.
Marcus continues to use everything you have taught him and he continues to speak of you in very respectful terms. Thank you once again for taking any interest in my son, and putting in the time to help in any way you could. God Bless.

– Michelle Greene 11/6/2012

Rick…for the past year you have been played the central role for Sam and I as we pursue that great father-son bonding that can happen over baseball. We loved your enthusiasm for the game because it is something that we feel too. You are one of the best baseball coaches I have ever been around and I think you were successful in getting a very good team to reach excellence at several times during the season. I was always impressed at your keen eye for detail and ability to dissect the player’s mechanics and teach them proper technique. I admired your patience in instructing the boys, and your attention to the individual needs of everyone on the team. Your efforts over the last half year were enormous and as a former coach myself I respect and appreciate that as much as anything. I will always be grateful that Sam had a chance to play for you: I think it really helped his development as a ballplayer and as a young man. I look forward to to the next time I run into you…hopefully at a ballpark or batting cage someplace where we can talk baseball again.

– Dave D.  7/15/2011

Starting with your participation as an assistant coach, and continuing with your head coaching work you have brought amazing baseball expertise and energy to the team. We appreciate your tireless work to setup the team schedules with not only practices (off season through regular season), games,and tournaments,but also your generosity in spending individual time with private coaching sessions for Chris and other kids that both taught and inspired them. The kids and team have responded with some great baseball and many lessons learned.

– Tom and Barb D.  7/16/2011

I want to thank you for all you have done for the Bandits and Mike, you have made a difference to the team,the players and especially Mike. We are sad to see you leave and will miss your energy and willness to give your all to the kids. Mike and I could always count on you for help and advice and you cared. I know you have the players best interest inmind especially after I shared with you Mike had a collision in the outfield during a Purcell game and you called that night and followed his progress through the season. Your commitment to the kids this year showed on the field and we appreciate your dedication and all the time you have put-in. I intend to keep in touch and I would like to know your thoughts on what Mike needs to work on during the off season. He just wants to play ball and get better. It was our pleasure to play for you, we both learned a lot.

– Thanks Paul, 7/13/2011